Mapboard GIS


Mapboard GIS is an early-stage project and we are constantly adding new features. Head to the Issue Tracker to request a new feature or improvement.

If you've got a great idea and a plan to implement it, we can discuss ways to integrate your effort into the application's codebase. Feel free to contact us directly about this or anything else.


We are working on a publication to describe the app, it's companion topological tools, and the iterative topology mapping technique. Stay tuned!

Potential upcoming features

  • A layer for text notes and schematic drawings on the map
  • Ability to capture and edit sample locations
    This is a potential integration point with other apps.
  • Some sort of GeoPDF basemap support
  • A quicker onboard topology engine
  • Some level of support for the GeoPackage format, which is similar to the Spatialite format that currently drives the map

Education-focused features

  • A project initialization user interface that guides the user towards appropriate map projections
  • Modes to predefine map area and allowed scale range for digitizing
  • A "simple" user-interface mode that hides features for map production

Integrations with other systems


We are particularly excited to integrate with other iOS applications such as Rockd and StraboSpot to allow users to combine next-generation map management with data collection capabilities. More on this soon.

  • Improved mapping symbology (e.g. patterns)
  • Sharing data between the Spatialite (offline) and PostGIS (tethered) modes, potentially with change reconciliation algorithms.
  • Macrostrat geologic maps overlay