Mapboard GIS

Version 4.0.0

December 15, 2023

Layer-based edit­ing

Edit­ing by map layer is ex­tremely use­ful for cap­tur­ing over­lap­ping map fea­tures (for in­stance, “bedrock ge­ol­ogy” and “sur­fi­cial ge­ol­ogy” lay­ers). But it can be used to sep­a­rate any fea­tures that you want to edit in­de­pen­dently.

  • Sep­a­rate lay­ers of map­ping that can be in­de­pen­dently edited
  • Snap­ping im­prove­ments for in­di­vid­ual map lay­ers
  • Layer re­order­ing

Go­ing for­ward, this fea­ture will un­der­pin a han­dling of more com­plex types of map data (e.g., notes, point-based sam­ple data, etc.) atop the cur­rent topo­log­i­cal map.

While layer-based edit­ing is func­tional, some fea­tures are still in de­vel­op­ment and will be re­leased in sub­se­quent ver­sions:

  • Layer-based topol­ogy man­age­ment
  • Layer dele­tion
  • Layer show/​hide
  • Layer-spe­cific line/​poly­gon types

New pro­ject cre­ation work­flow

  • New con­trol to set map area
  • Sug­gests the best pro­jec­tion (UTM zones or WGS84 lat lon) for your map­ping area

User in­ter­face im­prove­ments

  • New vi­su­al­iza­tions of “in-progress ed­its”
  • New con­trols: Zoom to map area, Re­load map
  • First steps to­wards re­work­ing Pro­jects page
  • New se­lec­tion func­tions: Change layer

Per­for­mance and in­ter­nal fixes

  • Fixes to topol­ogy en­gine to not delete straight lines
  • Fixed CPU leak from map event han­dlers
  • More mod­ern in­ter­nal map server
  • Slightly more ef­fi­cient map queries
  • Im­proved server-linked map­ping mode
  • In­ter­nal han­dling of point data sources
  • Fixes for sev­eral bugs with MBTiles lay­ers